Open Science WET and DRY lab projects

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Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 12:00am
Google Hangout check the link

Hi, thanks for participating at the doodle for the open science hangout.

The poll is now closed. We're gonna met the 18th of august at 4pm (C.E.S.T which is GMT+2) on Google+. 

Please, remind to have a Google+ account for that date, and to have the hangout plug-in working! 

We're gonna met 10 minutes before for technical check. Also, the talk will be streamed on youtube.

The groups that will be presented are the following. No order yet, but this could be a reasoned one.

- OuiShare as a common concept of open philosophy and praxis

- HackYourPhD + ScholRev as two faces of the same coin

- Leukippos, as an in silico example

- La Paillasse + OpenWetLab, as wet examples

Be sure to have a Google+ account, and to communicate it to this email so that i can call you eugenio [at]