AcroMine is an acronym dictionary which can be used to find distinct expanded forms of acronyms from MEDLINE. This freely available service can be used through your browser or by integrating it with your applications using the ReSTful service. Acromine identifies abbreviation definitions by assuming a word sequence co-occurring frequently with a parenthetical expression to be a potential expanded form. Applied to the whole MEDLINE (9635599 abstracts) the implemented system extracted 68007 abbreviation candidates and recognized 467402 expanded forms. The current Acromine achieves 99% precision and 82-95% recall on our evaluation corpus that roughly emulates the whole MEDLINE.It is a freely available service from the academic domain. This means that it is necessary to limit server load and give preference to individual users. Excessive server load may result in IP addresses or institutions being blocked from using the Acromine service. There is a limit enforced on how many times unregistered users may use this service per day.

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