ISA Infrastructure for Managing Experimental Metadata

A general-purpose format and freely available desktop software suite targeted to curators and experimentalists that assists in the reporting and local management of experimental metadata engages with minimum information checklists and ontologies and formats studies for submission to international public repositories endorsing the tools currently ENA (genomics) PRIDE (proteomics) and ArrayExpress (transcriptomics).The ISA software suite is the product of an ongoing collaboration between various research and service groups from diverse life science domains. It represents an opportunity for the wider research community to start taking data management into their own hands by supporting graduated adherence to community standards and the efficient curation of experimental metadata at source shielded from underlying complexities.The software suite is comprised of several platform-independent Java-based software components for local use including a relational database built around the ISA-Tab format. The components work both as stand-alone applications and as a unified system.

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ISA Team including University of Oxford; Oxford; United Kingdom European Bioinformatics Institute Harvard School of Public Health; Massachusetts; USA
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NERC EU (IP CarcinoGenomics NoE NuGO) NERC-NEBC BBSRC European Bioinformatics Institute