Community repository and virtual research environment where scientists can safely publish their workflows and experiment plans share them with groups and find and use those of others. Workflows other digital objects and collections (called Packs) can now be swapped sorted and searched like photos and videos on the Web. Unlike Facebook or MySpace myExperiment fully understands the needs of the researcher. myExperiment makes it really easy for the next generation of scientists to contribute to a pool of scientific workflows build communities and form relationships. It enables scientists to share reuse and repurpose workflows and reduce time-to-experiment share expertise and avoid reinvention. myExperiment contains the largest public collection of workflows across multiple workflow systems including Taverna (over 600 workflows) and Trident and is used by thousands of users ranging from life sciences and chemistry to social statistics and music information retrieval. It has over 4500 registered users and over 1000 deposited workflows from 19 different workflow systems. Scientific workflows in various formats can be uploaded to myExperiment. Specific support is provided for Taverna workflows for which the system displays relevant metadata components and visual previews that are retrieved directly from workflow files. Version history for workflows is collected. This feature allows the contributor to keep previous versions of the workflow available when the latest one is uploaded. This brings additional benefit for the users by allowing them to view the development stages of the workflow towards its latest implementation.

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University of Southampton; Southampton; United Kingdom University of Manchester; Manchester; United Kingdom University of Oxford; Oxford; United Kingdom
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JISC Microsoft (Technical Computing Initiative) EPSRC