MEDIE is an intelligent search engine to retrieve biomedical correlations from MEDLINE based on indexing by Natural Language Processing and Text Mining techniques. You can find abstracts/sentences in MEDLINE by specifying semantics of correlations; for example What activates p53 and What causes colon cancer. Semantic search uses a semantic query for finding biomedical correlations. Input a subject a verb and an object of a concept (or either of them) into a form. Results of the query will be shown in a second. (E.g. What does p53 activate? (subject=p53 verb=activate))A GCL query is directly passed to a GCL server. If you want to see examples of GCL queries just click Show query in the search summary of semantic/keyword search and you will see a GCL query submitted to a server.The customization of the number of results is available as in Semantic Search.Reference: Miyao Yusuke Tomoko Ohta Katsuya Masuda Yoshimasa Tsuruoka Kazuhiro Yoshida Takashi Ninomiya and Jun'ichi Tsujii (2006) Semantic Retrieval for the Accurate Identification of Relational Concepts in Massive Textbases. Proceedings COLING-ACL 2006. Sydney Australia pp. 1017--1024.

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