Reflect is a free service that tags gene protein and small molecule names in any web page within a few seconds. Clicking on a tagged term opens a small popup showing summary information as shown below. Reflect can be installed as a plugin to Firefox or Internet Explorer or can used by entering a URL in the field provided.In some cases Reflect fails to recognize the name of a given gene protein or small molecule; in other cases it tags names that should not be tagged. Any user can now easily fix such cases; similarly to Wikipedia Reflect can be edited and improved by the community.Clicking on an annotated element displays a pop-up window that gives information about the term and allows the user to quickly link to more detailed information. For each protein or gene Reflect provides domain structure sub-cellular localization 3D structure and interaction partners. For small molecules Reflect provides the chemical structure and interaction partners. Reflect was first-prize winner out of over 70 submissions in the Elsevier Grand Challenge an international competition for systems that improve the way scientific information is communicated and used.Reflect can also be accessed programmatically via a REST or SOAP API and a Reflect button can easily be added to any web page using Javascript or using a CGI proxy as described in an article in J. Web Semantics.

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory University of Copenhagen; Copenhagen; Denmark
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