Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations

The Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations (MIBBI) project provides a resource for those exploring the range of extant minimum information checklists and fosters coordinated development of such checklists.Goals of the MIBBI Project* To increase the visibility of projects developing guidance for the reporting of biological and biomedical science.* To encourage appropriate collaborative development between projects to avoid duplication of effort or competition.* To promote the adoption of consensus guidance on reporting by journals and funders.Throughout the biological and biomedical sciences prescriptive checklists specifying the key information to include when reporting experimental results are beginning to find favor with experimentalists analysts publishers and funders alike. However such minimum information (MI) checklists are usually developed independently from within particular biologically- or technologically-delineated domains. Consequently the full range of checklists can be difficult to establish without intensive searching and tracking their evolution is non-trivial; they are also inevitably partially-redundant one against another and where they overlap arbitrary decisions on wording and substructuring make integration difficult. This presents significant difficulties for the users of checklists; for example in the area of systems biology where data from multiple biological domains and technology platforms are routinely combined. We offer a common portal to such MI checklists; to act as a one-stop shop for those exploring the range of extant projects foster collaborative development and ultimately promote gradual integration.

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