Free web-based application that makes it easy to discover resources available at participating universities helping investigators accelerate their research and do more with less. Institutions are welcome to adopt the free software and participate in the network. The data in the system is open access; anyone regardless of affiliation is welcome to sign up for an account or to download the Linked Open Data directly. eagle-i is a distributed platform for creating and sharing semantically rich data. It is built around semantic web technologies and follows linked open data principles. In its current incarnation and operational deployment eagle-i focuses on biomedical research resources. Groundbreaking biomedical research requires access to cutting edge scientific resources resources that in many cases are invisible beyond the laboratories or institutions where they were developed. The eagle-i Consortium has built a prototype of a national research resource discovery networkone that will help biomedical scientists search for and find previously invisible but highly valuable resources. This resource discovery network was launched to the eagle-i Consortium community in early May 2011. The eagle-i Network was founded by a Consortium of 9 academic institutions joining forces to promote biomedical resource discovery in the scientific community. Since its inception the Network has grown to 25 participating institutions with more in the process of joining.

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Harvard University; Massachusetts; USA Oregon Health and Science University; Oregon; USA
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NCRR (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act )
U24 RR 029825