Open Archives Initiative: Object Reuse and Exchange Initiative

Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE) defines standards for the description and exchange of aggregations of Web resources conducted under the umbrella of the Open Archives Initiative. The summary vision statement is to develop identify and profile extensible standards and protocols to allow repositories agents and services to interoperate in the context of use and reuse of compound digital objects beyond the boundaries of the holding repositories. A key aspect of this statement is that it refers to working with objects not about metadata only. In that way the ORE work is set apart from the previous OAI work the Protocol for Metadata HarvestingL2 (PMH). The aim of the ORE effort is to promote (through creation or endorsement) effective and consistent mechanisms: * to facilitate discovery of compound digital objects; * to reference (or link to) these objects (as well as parts thereof); * to obtain a variety of disseminations of these objects; * to aggregate and disaggregate objects; and * to enable processing of objects by automated agents. Sponsors: This work is supported by the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).

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