A new model of peer review providing independent and standardized peer review that can be accepted and shared across all types of journals and distribution systems.Our goal is to find ways to improve the scientific publishing process...but without losing the critical pieces required to maintain the integrity of the scientific method and without limiting our solution to any single publishing method.As an independent for-benefit organization Rubriq can provide rigorous reviews by the same qualified peers who review for journals but with a standardized scorecard that can be used in any publishing model. Our system will enable faster more consistent reviews and will help match papers with the right journals. Were planning to launch our new independent peer review system in phases adding new features functionality and types of users as we go. This will allow us to get real feedback on our core elements and to make any changes needed before we move on to the next phase. We encourage authors reviewers and journal editors to sign up with us in the earliest phases so you can be among the first to participate. Your feedback is critical and we look forward to having you join us on our journey to put more time back into science!

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