JISC Open Citations

Open Citations is a database of biomedical literature citations harvested from the reference lists of all open access articles in PubMed Central that reference ~20% of all PubMed Central papers (approx. 3.4 million papers) including all the highly cited papers in every biomedical field. All the data are freely available for download and reuse.This web site allows you to browse these bibliographic records and citations to select an individual article and to visualize its citation network in a variety of displays. Details of each selected reference and the data and diagrams for its citation network may be downloaded in a variety of formats while the entire Open Citations Corpus can be downloaded from our source data page in several formats including RDF and BibJSON.Our aim for the future is to work with publishers to make available the reference lists from many more current and recent journal articles starting with the biomedical literature and to make the citations contained within them available as Open Linked Data in the manner demonstrated by the existing exemplar data available here.

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University of Oxford; Oxford; United Kingdom
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JISC (jiscEXPO strand)