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Utopia Documents allows new ways of thinking about your documents: it brings your papers to life by linking to live resources on the web and turning static data into live interactive content. Utopia Documents is completely free to download and use.What can I do with it?*Comment on articles - Make private notes for yourself annotate a document for others to see or take part in an online discussion. Utopia Documents lets you comment on any aspect of an article and view comments from the community without affecting the underlying PDF file. *Explore article content - Wish to investigate aspects of a scientific article further? Looking for clarification of given terms? Utopia Documents lets you do just that with its integrated semantic search bar. Explore the biological content of an article from the comfort of your PDF reader.*Interact with live data - Every wanted to inspect data referenced in articles? Utopia Documents allows you to interact directly with curated database entries. Play with molecular structures; edit sequence and alignment data; even plot curated tabular data yourself.*Discover published metadata - Unsure of the context or meaning of an article's claims? All new articles in the Semantic Biochemical Journal include publisher-curated annotations of the most salient facts to give you confidence in what you're reading. From database entries to glossary definitions Utopia Documents gives you access.Utopia Documents works on Windows and Mac operating systems; a Linux release is coming soon.

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University of Manchester; Manchester; United Kingdom
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