Open Provenance Model Vocabulary

OPMV the Open Provenance Model Vocabulary is a lightweight provenance vocabulary aiming to provide terms to enable practitioners of data publishing to publish their data responsibly. The Open Provenance Model Vocabulary is closely based on the community provenance data model the Open Provenance Model (OPM). Since release 1.0 OPMV becomes a profile of OPM. OPMV can be used together with other provenance-related RDF/OWL vocabularies/ontologies such as Dublin Core FOAF the Changeset Vocabulary and the Provenance Vocabulary. As being grounded on OPM the OPMV aims to assist the interoperability between provenance information on the Semantic Web. The Open Provenance Model Vocabulary is defined as an OWL-DL ontology and it is partitioned into a core ontology and supplementary modules. In order to avoid making the core ontology too complex the core module only implements structures defined in OPM and the supplementary modules provide less frequently used terms and a broad range of specializations of the core terms. * Classes: Agent Artifact Process* Properties: used wasControlledBy wasDerivedFrom wasEncodedBy wasEndedAt wasGeneratedAt wasGeneratedBy wasPerformedAt wasPerformedBy wasStartedAt wasTriggeredBy wasUsedAt

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