The Citation-Sensitive In-Browser Summariser (CSIBS) is a tool designed to aid researchers in browsing through scientific literature. As one reads an online article and encounters a citation that looks important CSIBS creates a preview summary of the cited document. The key innovation is the contextual tailoring of the automatically generated summaries using the citation and its surrounding text. As this context changes so too does the citation-specific summary portion of the preview which contains contextually-relevant sentences extracted from the cited document. The CSIBS preview presents relevant information required to appraise the citation containing meta-data about the reference the abstract and the citation-specific summary. Thus CSIBS alleviates information overload by enabling the reader to determine whether or not to invest time in exploring the cited article further.Reference http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1570826810000181

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ICT Centre Macquarie University; Sydney; Australia
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