CBOX (Commons in a Box)

Commons In A Box (CBOX) is a free software project aimed at turning the infrastructure that successfully powers the CUNY Academic Commons into a free, distributable, easy-to-install package. Commons In A Box is a project of the City University of New York and the Graduate Center, CUNY and is made possible by a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

CBOX takes the complexity out of creating a Commons site, helping organizations create a space where their members can discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and share their work. CBOX also provides:

Out-of-the-box functionality with an intuitive set-up that guides site administrators through each step of installation.
A powerful, responsive, highly customizable theme developed for community engagement, based on PressCrew’s Infinity Theming Engine.
Responsive design for easy viewing on many devices, including tablets and smartphones.
Collaborative document creation and file sharing.
Reply-By-Email functionality for quick, on-the-go communication.
Compatibility with many other WordPress and BuddyPress themes and plug-ins.
Expansive wiki options.
CBOX will be useful to any organization that is looking for a shared space in which to build an engaged community of users and developers.

Download our code, peruse our documentation, check out our project demo website, and join our community to find others using CBOX. Please follow us on twitter and join our mailing list to receive updates on the project.

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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.