U-Compare is an integrated text mining/natural language processing system based on the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) Framework. It allows interoperability of text mining tools and allows the creation of text mining workflows comparison and visualization of tools. U-Compare can be launched straight from the web or downloaded.As the name implies comparison of components and workflows is a central feature of the system. U-Compare allows sets of components to be run in parallel on the same inputs and then automatically generates statistics for all possible combinations of these components. Once a workflow has been created in U-Compare it can be exported and shared with other users or used with other UIMA compatible tools and so in addition to comparison U-Compare also functions as a general purpose workflow creation tool. It contains a repository of 50+ biomedical text mining components. These components are included in the U-Compare single-click-to-launch package ready to use by just drag-and-drop. You can also use this repository independent from the U-Compare system.Link with Taverna It has a link with Taverna for scientific workflows http://bioinformatics.oxfordjournals.org/content/26/19/2486.abstract where you can use U-Compare and its workflow from within the Taverna workflow. There are two ways the U-Compare Taverna plugin and the U-Compare command line mode as a Taverna activity. We have recently integrated it with Peter Murray-Rust's OSCAR for Chemistry (see http://www.nactem.ac.uk/cheta/)Web Demo: http://www.nactem.ac.uk/software/cheta/

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University of Tokyo; Tokyo; Japan National Centre for Text Mining University of Colorado Denver; Colorado; USA
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R01 GM083649-04
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