Pensoft Publishers specialize in academic and professional book and journal publishing mostly in the field of biodiversity science and natural history. Starting in 1994 Pensoft has become one of the leading academic publishers based in Eastern Europe with more than 600 books and e-books published so far. We largely perform our activities in English with only a minor fraction of our own publications being in French German Russian and Bulgarian.Pensoft is also involved as a publisher in several European Union Fp5 FP6 and FP7 projects e.g. the Integrated Project ALARM - Assessing Large Scale Environmental Risks for Biodiversity with Tested Methods. The ALARM project was just the start of a rapid expansion into the field of publishing and dissemination of scientific knowledge of several European Union FP5 FP6 and FP7 projects such as BIOFORUM MACMAN MACIS COCONUT EUROLIMPACS RUBICODE SCALES STEP MOTIVE CLIMIT and VIBRANT. Within FP projects PENSOFT has specialised in dissemination communication and publishing as well as in creating and maintaining websites and Internal Communication Platforms (ICP) designing of logos flyers leaflets and posters.In 2008 PENSOFT launched its first open-access journals named ZooKeys and BioRisk. The flagship journal of Pensoft ZooKeys is currently considered the most technologically advanced journal in biodiversity science and has implemented several innovations in digital publishing and dissemination. ZooKeys was the first journal in the field of biodiversity science to develop and implement an XML-based submission editorial publication and dissemination workflow. In 2010 we launched PhytoKeys an open access journal in plant systematics phylogeny and biogeography. In December 2010 five society journals moved to Pensoft's open access journal publishing platform. On 1 November 2010 we launched our brand new innovative integrated TRIADA platform for publishing disseminating and marketing of printed books e-books and open access journals. TRIADA provides a linked environment for content authors reviewers editors and customers through four independent classifications (taxonomic subject geographical and geological time scale) as well through tagging and semantic mark-up. TRIADA uses a one-time registration process which allows users to submit review or edit manuscripts to subscribe for E-mail and RSS alerts and to purchase Pensofts products. Web services: Metadata and journal content can be harvested.

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