Mobile Assay

THE NEXT GENERATION OF DIAGNOSTIC READERS - Mobile Diagnostic Rapid Test Reader ( mReader )

Mobile Assay’s Lab-on-Mobile-Device innovative platform is transforming how rapid diagnostic tests are used and how the results are communicated. Our smart phone, tablet and mobile device software is designed for highly sensitive real-time analysis and quantification of inexpensive rapid diagnostic test strips at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

Our software allows anyone with a camera equipped device to take an image of a Rapid Diagnostic Test Strip and get back instant quantifiable results. No additional attachments or devices are needed and our platform has the ability to run multiple tests at once.

Our user interface and software is extremely easy to use. If you can take a picture with a smart phone, you can use our Lab-on-Mobile-Device platform.  Our software can be configured to read any lateral flow test strip. If a test can be run on a lateral flow test strip we can quantify the results.

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