What is EnablingOpenScholarship

EnablingOpenScholarship (EOS) is an organisation for universities and research institutions worldwide. The organisation is both an information service and a forum for raising and discussing issues around the mission of modern universities and research institutions, particularly with regard to the creation, dissemination and preservation of research findings.
The aim of EOS is to further the opening up of scholarship and research that we are now seeing through the growing open access, open education, open science and open innovation movements.
These, and other, 'open' approaches to scholarship are changing the way research and learning are done and there are profound implications for universities and research institutions. EOS has been established to help guide developments and to assist others in understanding the issues and their implications.
The context in which EOS has been established is that of increasing interest from governments, funders and the research community itself in opening up the way research is carried out and communicated. This interest is complemented by new research practices and processes that can work effectively only in an open, collaborative environment.

Our first meeting was held at the University of Liege on 18 October 2007 (The Liege Convention) and subsequent meetings have furthered the development of the organisation and enabled planning for the future.

This website will report on developments of relevance to the mission of EnablingOpenScholarship and will provide news and details of forthcoming meetings, briefings and discussion sessions.

EOS is the Greek word for 'dawn' and is a most appropriate name for an organisation dedicated to changing the old order for something better.


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