JournalGuide is a free tool that helps researchers to evaluate scholarly journals. In addition to searching by journal name, category or publisher, authors can use the title and abstract of a paper to discover journals that have already published articles on similar topics. By matching journals to a paper’s content, researchers can see which journals would be most likely to have interest in their story.
Our goal at JournalGuide is to help researchers publish faster by helping them to choose the right journal. We want to arm researchers with the best information to make data-driven decisions about which journal to choose. Unlike other search tools, JournalGuide also allows researchers to share their own experiences with colleagues and to learn from others’ experiences. We are building a central information hub with primary data from journals, secondary information from public sources, and firsthand data from the researchers who have submitted to those journals. In addition to building the most comprehensive database of journal information, JournalGuide provides powerful tools to effectively search, sort, filter, and compare journals.

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