aims to map the landscape of initiatives and activity in the development of Research Objects.

“Research Objects” describes an emerging approach to the publication, and exchange of scholarly information on the Web that aims to improve its reuse and reproducibility by:

  • Supporting the publication of more than just PDFs, making data, code, and other resources first class citizens of scholarship
  • Recognizing that sometimes there is a need to publish and exchange collections of these resources together as one shareable, cite-able resource.
  • Enriching these resources and collections with any and all additional information required to make research reusable, and reproducible!

Research objects are not just data, not just collections, but any digital resource that aims to go beyond the PDF for scholarly publishing. presents

- a framework for Research Objects based on metadata profiles for content using standards for identity, aggregation and annotation

- examples of realising the framework using common platforms such as zip files, DOCKER and Git

- examples of applications using the framework for reproducibility and RO Commons.