FigCart: Incentivizing Figure Annotations

Problem Statement: Science benefits from standardized curation of research methods and results, by making experiments easier to reproduce and results easier to reuse. Large publicly-funded project grants often incorporate standardized data curation, however this is uncommon for the long tail of single investigator-driven science. During times of fiscal constraint it is unlikely that primary investigators will divert funding or human resources from scientific discovery efforts towards data curation. An incentive scheme that rewards scientific publishers and scientific investigators is most likely to succeed in offsetting the additional effort and costs of standardized figure annotation. A Solution: Leverage FORCE11 Resource IDs to tag reagents and generate an itemized shopping cart for every figure in every scientific manuscript. Future Directions: Building an SDK/API for: Investigators - most familiar with the reagents/experimental protocol, best entity to tag reagents. Investigator would share in any revenue generated from the sale of tagged reagents. Scientific Publisher - most familiar with web publishing, advertising, and analytics, therefore reasonable entity to build and offer user-friendly interfaces enabling reagent tagging, curation, and sales. In return for building this infrastructure, it seems reasonable the publisher would share in any revenue generated from sale of tagged reagents.
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Erick Scott & Andrew Su
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