Working towards a 力11中国 (Force11China) chapter

I would love to use the 1K to connect to the as yet non-existing 力11中国 (Force11China) chapter. What happens in China is ultimately going to have a huge effect on science and scholarly communication. We better make sure this is an effect for the better. My idea is to connect to the (whatever small?) forces that are already there in China and among Chinese to further the discussions Force11 cares about in the Chinese context. One of the ways this can be done is by reaching out to young Chinese researchers. You can do that either directly, in China (e.g. by contacting PhD organisations in China) or indirectly through social scholarly platforms like ResearchGate. Perhaps the most important way to do this though is through reaching to out Chinese PhD students and postdocs working and studying abroad, and getting them to spark discussion, either when/if they return to China or in their Chinese networks online. You could literally call it a take home message, but it is really meant as two-way communication. I could use 1K to start with a programme with the many 100s Chinese PhDs at my own university in the Netherlands, and take lessons learned from that to China. And well, who knows: maybe we will see a力11中国 one day? Money will be used for good translations (e.g. of parts of the Force11 website) and/or travel costs.
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