How do innovations in scholarly communication change research workflows in practice?

For Force2015, we have mapped the landscape of innovations in scholarly communication over time across all phases of the research workflow (from discovery to assessment) and based on that defined some typical workflows: traditional, modern, innovative and experimental (see: But is this really what researchers are doing? We need to make sure our discussions at Force2015 are not only about, but also with researchers. This could for instance be done online in an interactive way (in a quiz-format) by presenting researchers with various tools (from traditional to experimental) for each workflow phase and asking them which they use or would consider using. From this, the researcher could be presented with his/her workflow type, and some suggestions for other tools he/she might be interested in*. Behind the scenes, the data gathered could be used to further our investigation into the uptake of innovative tools and the resulting changes in research workflows. We propose to use 1K to design and implement such an online quiz, and spread the word among researchers across disciplines and geographic locations. *think: [“if you use this we suggest you take a look at this also”] [“if you use slideshare you may be interest in altmetrics”] [“if you use regular journals you may be interested in claiming reviews through Publons”]
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