Developing a Taxonomy of Contributorship Roles

Author / Presenter

Amy Brand
Micah Altman
Elizabeth Allen
Virginia Barbour
Margie Hlava
Veronique Kiermer
Chistine Laine
Diane Scott-Liche

More and more frequently, research and scholarly publications involve collaboration.  There is a growing interest across stakeholders in scholarship in increasing the transparency of research contributions and in identifying the specific roles that contributors play in creating scholarly works. In this presentation we discuss a new taxonomy for classifying contributions to scholarly publications. This taxonomy results from the integration of classifications currently in use by selected STM publishers; the identification of emerging areas of contributorship through an international workshop held by the Wellcome Trust and Harvard University; and an empirical analysis of authors perceptions of contributions as expressed through surveys, attribution statements, and authorship statements.

Meeting / Conference
2013 Beyond the PDF2