Embedding underpinning mechanisms for reproducibility: the ISA exemplar

Author / Presenter

Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran

Ability to enrich the experimental descriptions: tick;  integrations with existing analysis tools (e.g. GenomeSpace, Galaxy, R/BioConductor): tick; conversions to other community and public database formats: tick; ability to share ontology-based representations of provenance: tick;     provisions for querying, visualize and ‘publish’ experimental descriptions (e.g. in GigaScience/GigaDB): tick. With the ISA tools (isa-tools.org) and its community (isacommons.org) we strive to implements all necessary mechanisms to support reuse and reproducibility of biological experiments. More work is still ahead of us, yet we can already illustrate successful stories and are keen to collaboratively tackle challenges such reproducibility ‘certification’.

Meeting / Conference
2013 Beyond the PDF2