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FORCE11 and Outside Community Presentations.

Tools in Context

Author: Laura Czerniewicz | Publication Date:

Posted by Laura Czerniewicz | Mar 27th 2013

Data review: the overlap between data management planning, technical review and curation, and article review

Posted by Rebecca Lawrence | Mar 5th 2013

There is a growing understanding of the importance of data sharing across scholarly scientific research but many unanswered questions about how to share, review and publish datasets across the full...

Usability — a neglected dimension

Author: Graeme Hirst | Publication Date:

Posted by Graeme Hirst | Mar 5th 2013

A term strangely missing from the Force11 Manifesto is usability. There is little point in designing new tools or new systems of scholarly communication if they are too difficult to use; unless they...

The SEALS Platform for Scholarly Research

Author: Asunción Gómez-Pérez | Publication Date:

Posted by Beyond the PDF2... | Mar 5th 2013

The SEALS Platform is an open and sustainable infrastructure on which all aspects of an evaluation can be hosted and executed and has been designed to accommodate different technology types.  The...

Triage & Skimming: Accelerating the process of reading

Author: Gully Burns | Publication Date:

Posted by Gully Burns | Mar 5th 2013

We present two practical systems designed to accelerate the speed of accessing published information. The SciKnowMine Triage system is a digital library system with a built-in document classifier for...

ORCID as a short cut to personalisation

Author: Andrew Grimes | Publication Date:

Posted by Beyond the PDF2... | Mar 5th 2013

A powerful side-effect of the emerging ORCID standard is the potential uses of ORCID as social sign-in mechanism. Creative uses of the ORCID API (developed by Semantico) will enable the owners of...

The rising of community-driven, metadata-focussed efforts: too many, too little or on track?

Author: Philippe Rocca-Serra | Publication Date:

Posted by Beyond the PDF2... | Mar 5th 2013

Hundreds of terminologies, reporting guidelines, representations models, and exchange formats to help annotate, report, and share bioscience investigations; thousands of biological databases (...

Simple additions to PDF metadata

Author: Ross Mounce | Publication Date:

Posted Mar 5th 2013

PDF metadata provides a quick & easy way of discovering what's in a PDF and even identifying it without opening or viewing it. Yet most academic publishers do not yet utilize rich PDF metadata....

Hash-URIs for Verifiable and Immutable Scientific Contributions

Posted by Tobias Kuhn | Mar 5th 2013 | 2 Comments

Abstract: Scientific contributions should be permanent and immutable, as accidential or deliberate modification or deletion of previously published results can undermine the whole system. For example...

On the reproducibility of science

Author: Haendel, Melissa A | Publication Date:

Posted by Melissa Haendel | Mar 5th 2013

The literature is where we put our collective knowledge about science, however, authors do not uniquely reference research resources enough to enable research reproducibility. To understand the...