Representing and communicating science as it is

Problem - Static knowledge artifacts, mechanistic communication with no process details! Our current scientific communication often fails to reflect that scientific knowledge are temporal snapshots of an ongoing and evolving process, which involves connections and interactions among various artifacts, processes and communities. I would like to represent and communicate scientific knowledge as it is – dynamic, iterative and exploratory process of evolution. I am not proposing to create new tools/systems, rather enriching the current ones to support this idea. The idea is to create a network of communicating tools that explicitly captures the details of the processes, connections and interactions among various scientific artifacts, and harmonize scientific artifacts by exchanging information as they change and evolve. In addition, it requires a language and API that describes how science artefacts communicate with each other as they are subject to change (for example, the ontology that gets modified should affect the database schema drawn from that ontology, which in turn may affect the workflows using the database)
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Prashant Gupta
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