Scaling Scalar

We believe there is a variety of tools out there that may support the production of complementary and innovative research outputs that are better designed to engage with broader audiences. Furthermore, we strongly believe that we should explore, combine and develop those tools to move scholarly communication forward. Our 1K challenge is to build on Scalar’s features, creating prototypes based on the publication of multimedia data collected in a qualitative research project. We want to use this concrete case to explore and improve the software, extending the possibilities of interaction with the data and with the research narrative. As any other open software tool, Scalar needs to have a community of users and developers constantly implementing changes. We want to design and test prototypes of new features or of potential plugins connecting Scalar to other platforms. We want to to use the 1K to create mash-ups with other app(s), prototyping new features to facilitate other researchers work and improve Scalar’s usability. The prototypes would be openly available and the process brought to FORCE2016 in Portland to be discussed with peers from the community.
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Javier Guillot
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