scientific articles are too expensive to publish and to read

The current system of publishing academic work is outdated. Governments contribute to research with huge grants, but the output of projects is hardly ever freely accessible to them and the rest of the world. Instead, government-funded libraries and research organizations have to pay large subscription fees to publishers to gain ‘open access’ to their own academic work. As such, scientific articles are way too expensive to publish and read. We are about to set up a platform that challenges the current system of scientific publication. A platform that does not need the publisher anymore, but is self regulated by the community researchers and universities. Researchers can store their data, articles etc., when an article is ready for publication it will be reviewed by the community (anonymously). A certain threshold number of reviewers has to agree upon accepting before work gets published. Published scientific work will be freely available for all community members. So no more need of subscribing to several publishers to get your ‘open access’ articles (read or published).
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Guus Gijben, Vera Verberne
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