Alicia Lopez Medina

FORCE11 Member since April 2, 2013
  • Organization/Institution: World Confederation of Open Access Repositories COAR

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COAR, the Confederation of Open Access Repositories, is a young, fast growing association of repository initiatives launched in October 2009, uniting and representing 90 institutions worldwide (Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North America). Its mission is to enhance greater visibility and application of research outputs through global networks of Open Access digital repositories.

Through its member institutions COAR is working towards  the development of a global Open Access repository community of practice from across counties, regions and disciplines. Our vision is a global knowledge infrastructure of networking Open Access repositories. Currently, COAR has three working groups, each with its own set of responsibilities, objectives, and related activities.

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You also can download our leaflet.

Currently I am the Executive Director of the international Confederation of Open Access Repositories - COAR, in which there is representation of organizations and institutions from 23 European countries, Latin America, Japan, USA, Canada and China. In addition, I work as Coordinator of Digital Services and Innovation, at the Library UNED (National Distance Education University of Spain). During these years I have devoted much of my professional career to the development of open access digital repositories.