Amos Bairoch

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Professor of Bioinformatics and Director of the Department of Human Protein Science at the University of Geneva, Amos Bairoch is head of the CALIPHO group of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Until June 2009, Amos headed the Swiss-Prot group which develops the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot knowledgebase which he created in 1986 as well as the PROSITE and ENZYME databases. He was also co-responsible for the development of ExPASy, the world’s first website dedicated to protein molecular biology. Amos Bairoch’s main work lies in the field of protein sequence analysis and the development of databases and software tools for this purpose. Currently his main activities are focused on the development of neXtProt, a web knowledge platform on human proteins and of the Cellosaurus, a cell line thesaurus. Amos Bairoch has been awarded several distinctions, among which the European Latsis Prize, the Otto Naegeli Prize and the HUPO Distinguished Achievement Award. He is an ISCB Fellow