Ana Van Gulick

FORCE11 Member since July 24, 2019


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Ana Van Gulick is Figshare's Government and Funder Lead and the Director of Figshare Curation Services. She completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Vanderbilt University studying the visual system before shifting to a career in open science. Before joining Figshare, she was a faculty member in the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries and the director of the Libraries' Open Science Program, where she supported researchers with data management and sharing across the research life cycle. At Figshare, she manages repository projects for institutions who are research funders and government agencies including the National Institutes of Health and also directs Figshare's data curation program aimed at ensuring open data is as discoverable and reusable as possible. Working remotely from Seattle, she enjoys getting to work with researchers across many different scientific disciplines and is excited about the future of open science.