Andrew Wayland

FORCE11 Member since October 7, 2020

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Hi there - I'm Andrew! I'm a doctoral student in Art History at Gavilan College. I'm excited about histories of photographies, twentieth century American photography, art, and visual culture, representations of the body in photography, and vision and visuality. My M.A. thesis and research conducted thereafter is informed by the intersections of my interests. I learned about digital humanities when I started to adjunct a few years ago. I've used a few programs and methods in my classes and have seen students thrive first hand. I'm excited to learn more!

My research gravitates toward questions about representation, vision, and photographies. I am most excited by artists in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

In the past, I've used Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in my own teaching.  While my students have achieved success with social media, I would like to discover other digital platforms that will allow the students to ask other kinds of questions.  I've recently been thinking about how to use these platforms for my own research as well.  I'm excited to be part of the force11 community.