Anita Bandrowski

FORCE11 Member since January 24, 2012


Dr. Bandrowski trained as a neurophysiologist at UCR and Stanford, however moved to bioinformatics with the human genome project at Celera Inc., seeing that high throughput science has much to teach biologists. Currently working at the center of research in biological systems at UCSD on the Neuroscience Information Framework and SciCrunch.

These systems (NIF and SciCrunch) work together to aggregate vast quantities of data and then allow the scientific public to create portals into the data cosmos.

Bench Science:

PhD from UCR in Physiological Psychology 2000; PostDoc at Stanford in Neurology and neurosciences 2004


Celera Inc. working on annotating the Human Genenome 2008;

UCSD, Bioinformatics: Neuroscience Information Framework, SciCrunch;

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