Barend Mons

FORCE11 Member since January 24, 2012
  • Organization/Institution: DTL, LUMC, eScience center, CWA, ELIXIR, FAIRPORT


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Biologist-turned bioinformatician-turned eScience technologist. Now away from textmining to knowlegde representation open data sharing and back to sharing information more effectively across national languages, borders and especially with information deprived countries.

Blog: Monsense:

I stand for open data sharing and data publishing wherever possible and will fight for that till the end of my days, but I also respect datapublishing in closed repositories for good reasons such as privacy or competitive reasons. If data have been generated with public funds, only privacy can be a good reason to keep these data from public use. In such cases, all efforts need to be made to make aggregated information available for research purposes. Example: x% of sequences people in the GoNL project have this SNP and this Phenotype. Obviously, I believe that nanopublication of such information is a very important instrument. We should also not forget that in many countries, private investments in research are tax exempt so the public effectively pays for such research as well. I therefore believe that companies should also publish all but their most competitive data. They may help to save lives. for furthere readings on my convictions:

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