Bianca Kramer

FORCE11 Member since January 12, 2015


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Bianca Kramer is librarian for biomedical sciences at Utrecht University Library. As such, she supports students, faculty and clinicians in their research workflow; from discovery via analysis and writing to publication, outreach and assessment. Some of her interests are systematic reviews/meta-analyses, altmetrics, network visualization and developments in scholarly communication.

Together with Jeroen Bosman, she is running the project 'Innovations in Scholarly Communication', looking at the way information is created, shared, and processed in academia. This comprises a number of related activities aimed at charting the changing scholarly landscape. They created an overview of current and expected developments and models to get a grip on the abundance and variety of research tools used. Currently, they are charting the creation and availability (supply side) and usage (demand side) of research tools. After that they hope to further investigate why researchers use certain tools, to find out what tool usage patterns can tell us about the changes in scholarly communication, and, finally, to uncover the driving forces behind the creation and innovation of research tools and the (lack of) interoperability of these tools.






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