Bruce Wilson

FORCE11 Member since January 3, 2019


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I'm a scientist who's found a love of building and managing information systems, particularly those that enable science.  I started my career as a chemist, specializing in analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and multivariate statistics.  As high throughput research methods evolved in material science, I started drowning in data. The software I built to help me make sense of my data was useful to others, and my work shifted over time to primarily designing and building information systems for other chemists and material scientists.  In 2006, I joined ORNL's Environmental Sciences Division to design and build information systems for climate scientists and ecologists. In late 2010, I moved into the Information Technology Services Division, where I was an Enterprise Architect, focussed on how information technologies enable scientists and engineers across ORNL.  In 2018, I returned to the Environmental Sciences Division where I am the Group Leader for Remote Sensing and Environmental Informatics and the Manager for the NASA-funded ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center for Biogeochemical Dynamics (ORNL DAAC).  I also hold an Adjunct Faculty appointment in the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences.