Carl Leubsdorf Jr

FORCE11 Member since January 24, 2012
  • Organization/Institution: Solvitor LLC

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Carl Leubsdorf, Jr. is Founder and CEO of Solvitor LLC, a web and technology strategy consultancy, and project leader for Annotum, an open-source scholarly peer-review and publishing system based on WordPress.


First announced at BeyondThePDF 1 in January 2011 and released in November 2011, Annotum has since been downloaded over 145,000 times from  Version 1.1 was released early in 2013, and is in active use by a number of journals including PLoS Currents.

Annotum provides high-level editing features and robust XML output that conforms to the National Library of Medicine’s Journal Article (XML) Tag Suite in a simple to operate, easy to use, web-based system. Annotum provides free journal-hosting capabilities for educational and scholarly institutions via and on self-hosted sites worldwide. Annotum was devised, designed, and architected by Solvitor, with coding by Crowd Favorite, and was selected by Google as the successor to Google's Knol article publishing service. 

Development is currently underway for a complete rewrite of the Annotum text editor, an advanced, XML-validating, robust WYSIWYG editing component called Textorum.