Carsten Kettner

FORCE11 Member since January 12, 2016


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Carsten Kettner studied biology at the University of Bonn and obtained his diploma at the University of Gottingen. In 1999, he was awarded his PhD for his work on the biophysical comprehension of the yeast vacuolar ATPase using the patch-clamp techniques in the group of Adam Bertl at the University of Karlsruhe. As a post-doctoral student he continued both the studies on the biophysical properties of the pump and the investigation of the kinetics and regulation of the plasma membrane potassium channel (TOK1).

In 2000 he joined the Beilstein-Institut. Here, he is responsible (a) for the organization of the Beilstein symposia and the publication
of the proceedings of the symposia and (b) for the administration and project management of funded research projects such as the Beilstein Endowed Chairs (since 2002), a collaborative research centre (NanoBiC 2009 - 2013) and the Beilstein Scholarship program (since 2011).

In 2007 he was awarded his certificate of competence as project manager for his studies and thesis from the Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt (a certified service provider).

Since 2004 he coordinates the work of the STRENDA commission and promotes along with the commissioners the proposed standards of reporting enzyme data ( These reporting standards have been adopted by, today, about 30 biochemical journals for their instructions for authors and are subject for the proposition of an electronic data capturing tool.

Since 2011, Carsten co-ordinates the MIRAGE project which is concerned with the uniform reporting and representation of glycomics data in publications and databases ( In 2014 Carsten was appointed the head of the funding and conferences department which is also in charge of the foundation’s public relationships.