David Kavanagh

FORCE11 Member since September 23, 2013
  • Organization/Institution: SCRAZZL


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scrazzl part of CompareNetworks is a social discovery plarform for reseach materials. We are passionate about developing online tools that help scientists make better decisions about research products. Our content analysis engine makes it possible for researchers to quickly  establish the publication record of products that they are interested in and to connect with other users of those same products.

The scrazzl Developer Network is a valuable source of uniquely identified research products that can be used by third parties interested in using research material information in their websites and applications. The scrazzl Developer network provides access to product information from Biocompare, Labcompare and other CompareNetwork sites. Current users of our APIs include Quartzy and NIF.

I trained as a vascular biologist and co-founded scrazzl in 2009 and subsequently joined forces with the guys at CompareNetworks. I am passionate about making science more reproducible and improving the tools that allow the scientific communtity to work more efficiently. I love science, start-ups, rowing, music, farming and food.