Ehsan Mohammadi

FORCE11 Member since March 15, 2013
  • Organization/Institution: Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group in University of Wolverhampton

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Ehsan is a PhD candidate at the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group of Wolverhampton University. He is interested in validating new metrics rather than citation analysis for research evaluation. Ehsan aims to find and evaluate the social web-based metrics for research assessment, namely scientometrics 2.0,altmetrics, beyond Impact, and then validate these variables via comparison to traditional measures.

Ehsan holds a master of library and information science. In the master dissertation, key word co-occurrence was used to delineate science map of Nano science and technology. Prior to doctoral studies, he was a sales manager at IINGroups, an agent of famous publishers which provides electronic information resources and digital library solutions to a variety of customers in academic and R&D sectors. Previously, he served more than five years as an information specialist in different roles including online information manager, reference librarian, and webmaster in several academic libraries.

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