Emma Ganley

FORCE11 Member since April 19, 2016


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In early 2020, Emma Ganley took up the position of Director of Strategic Initiatives at protocols.io. Emma was formerly Chief Editor of PLOS Biology and worked in scientific publishing for 15 years. She has consulted for the preprint server medRxiv, and has been an Affiliate for bioRxiv for several years. Initially Emma followed a standard research career path, she obtained a PhD from the MRC-LMB in Cambridge in the UK, followed by a postdoc at UC Berkeley. She then moved into science publishing joining PLOS Biology in San Francisco in 2005. She next took the position of Executive Editor of the JCB at Rockefeller University Press, New York in 2007. During this time she gained an enthusiasm for open data, she worked with developers to launch the JCB DataViewer as a tool for making original image data available with published research articles. After relocating back to the UK and working at the University of Dundee first for the funder CR-UK, and then as a Project Manager for the Open Source, Open Microscopy Environment project, Emma eventually re-joined PLOS Biology from 2011 until 2019 where she advanced to the position of Chief Editor. Emma is passionate about all things related to open research, data, code, and method availability alongside the articles, research reproducibility and integrity.