Gintare Tautkeviciene

FORCE11 Member since April 19, 2017

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Director of the Library of Kaunas University of Technology and Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. She is a Chair of Association of Lithuanian Academic Library Directors. She is member and expert of the national repository eLABa management group and Chair of General Assembly of the Consortium of the Lithuanian Academic Libraries for the Maintenance and Development of an Information Infrastructure for Research and Studies eLABa. She conducted several repository development studies, as well as eLABa usability study, wrote research reports, introduced eLABa at national and international events, carried out a series of surveys and research studies to investigate the information needs of users and users’ information competence, served as Chair of Advisory Board of EIFL in 2010-2014. She is EIFL Open access coordinator for Lithuania; she organizes events and dissemination of promotional materials for Open Access, manages OA projects.