Hong Huang

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Dr. Hong Huang is an associate professor at the School of Information at University of South Florida. He received B.S. degree in Biochemistry, M.S. degrees in Genetics and Computer Science, and PhD in Library and Information Studies (LIS) from the Florida State University. His research and teaching areas encapsulates three related disciplines- information and library science, bioinformatics, and information & communication technology. With his extensive LIS, bioinformatics/genetics backgrounds and work experiences, he bridges these disciplines in various ways. His primary research interests included genomics and eScience data practice, curation, and management. He also conducts research related to scholarly communication, health information behaviors, and user perception& interaction with social media tools. He is the PIs or Co-PIs and collaborated with researchers receiving USF and federal grant awards (e.g., USDA) to develop new metadata standards, applications, and specifications that support the best data practice in bioinformatics and translational research. He has published in Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Library & Information Science Research, Journal of Documentation, Journal of Computational Biology, among others.