Jérôme Tarniewicz

FORCE11 Member since November 28, 2018

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Dr. Jérôme Tarniewicz is research engineer at University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, works at Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory (LSCE/CEA) in France and is an expert in development and application deployment at Atmospheric Thematic Centre in ICOS. Experienced with greenhouse gases, been involved in previous European projects GHG-Europe, IMECC, ENVRI and InGOS. Expertise in data processing and distribution.

In charge, for ICOS ATC, of the Service element for Copernicus: "Provision of improved access to NRT ICOS atmospheric data for the purposes of the validation of global and regional forecasts" - (CAMS_26)

see https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/providers