João Mendes-Moreira

FORCE11 Member since April 10, 2016

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Joao Mendes Moreira is Head of Scientific Information at FCT|FCCN. He has over 15 years of experience managing infra-structures, advanced services and scientific content aimed for the National Research and Education community. The area for which he is responsible runs a budget over 14 million euros and serves more than 300.000 potential users.

In 2004 he started to work in the information and documentation field having actively participated in one of the most relevant Portuguese projects on this area – The Online Library of Knowledge (b-on) – for which he became project manager for. Since 2008, together with Minho University, he manages the Portuguese Open Access Initiative - RCAAP (Portuguese Open Access Scientific Repository). In mid-2013 he started to work in the interesting world of CRISs and presently he is PT-CRIS (Portuguese Current Research Information System Manager) Program Coordinator.

He is participates several committees and working groups: OpenAIRE Advisory Board, DSpace Steering Committee, SCOAP3 Repository Steering and Support Working Group e ORCID Communications Groups Member.