John Kunze

FORCE11 Member since January 21, 2012
  • Organization/Institution: California Digital Library
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7604-8041
  • Twitter: @jakkbl


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John Kunze is an Identifier Systems Architect at the California Digital Library. With a background in computer science and mathematics, he wrote BSD Unix software that comes pre-installed with Mac and Linux systems. He created the ARK identifier scheme, the scheme-agnostic resolver (which redirects over 600 kinds of "compact identifier"), and contributed heavily to Internet standards for URLs (RFC1736, RFC1625, RFC2056), archiving (BagIt - RFC8493), web archiving (WARC), and Dublin Core metadata (RFC2413, RFC2731, ANSI/NISO Z39.85).

His influential specs and tools for digital repository microservices include Pairtree, Namaste, ReDD, oxum, ERC/ANVL, TEMPER, THUMP. Follow-on work in metadata includes creation of the Dublin Kernel and Recent efforts with Force11 and on compact identifiers enables resolution via of over 600 identifier schemes.