Josh Utley

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Intrepid Network was established in 1996 (then Intrepid Designs), by Josh Utley, President & CEO, who holds 20 years of real world experience in the multimedia industry. Previously Josh worked for Global Horizons - a $10 million a year international apparel company, ManTech - a government services corporation with budgets averaging $1 million per project and start-ups with varying project budgets and industries.

At Intrepid Network, Inc. I help businesses of all sizes position themselves to become #1 in their industry.

I've worked directly with top executives at ManTech, as the Media Production Supervisor, to revolutionize our Interactive Multimedia Instruction solution taking it from yesterday's technology based on the Click-2-Learn platform which produced Computer Based Training CD-ROMs to a customized in-house Flash/XML platform producing Web Based Training for Desktops and Mobile Devices. This then positioned ManTech for an upcoming Bid where I developed the required Power Point Presentation with Flash and in presentation memory between slides ending with detailed test results from the embedded presentation of our courseware capabilities. This "never done before" utilization of old and new technologies secured the 90 million five year contract awarded by SPAWAR.

As Creative Director at Touche' 21, a 10 million a year company, I created a national branding & marketing campaign which lead to being acquired by Australian Horizons based in Australia. Where I stayed on with the US branch as Creative Director.