Joyce Ogburn

FORCE11 Member since December 1, 2016
  • Organization/Institution: Appalachian State University
  • Twitter: @libjoyce
  • Skype: jlogburn


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Librarian, dean, scholar, professional leader, advocate for open scholarship and its link to information literacy and lifelong learning.

SPARC advisor and former board member, Open Scholarship Initiative conference planning, nSCI Board member, former president of ACRL. 

Research interests include scholarly communuication, data literacy, principles, digital scholarship, algorithm and AI accountability, digital image processing and analysis 

Some writings: 

Extending the Principles and Promise of Scholarly Communication Reform: A Chronicle and Future Glimpse. In Creating the 21st Century Academic Library: Open Access Volume One – Policy and Infrastructure.  Edited by Kevin L. Smith and Katherine A. Dickson. Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield, November 2016, pp.1-30. Preprint:

The Imperative for Data Curation. portal: Libraries and the Academy 10 (2): 241-246, 2010.

Defining and Achieving Success in the Movement to Change Scholarly Communication.  Library Resources and Technical Services 52 (2): 44-53, 2008.

Closing the Gap between Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication (foreword). In Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication. Edited by Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Merinda Kaye Hensley. Chicago: ACRL, 2013, pp. v-viii. The complete book is available at:; the foreword can also be found at:

The Movement to Change Scholarly Communication Has Come a Long Way – How Far Might It Go? Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 1(1): eP1041 (1-3), 2012.

Libraries and the Evolving Nature of Scholarship (with Ann M. Lally). In Escholarship: A LITA Guide. Edited by Debra Shapiro. Chicago IL: ALA, 2005, pp. 26-41.

Information Overload and Underload (with Bryan Alexander, Kim Barrett, Sioux Cumming, Patrick Herron, Claudia Holland, Kathleen Keane,  Jake Orlowitz, Mary Augusta Thomas, and Jeff Tsao). Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings 2016.

Open Science Initiative Working Group. Mapping the Future of Scholarly Communication. (assisted with editing the final report). National Science Communication Institute, 2015.

Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success: Final Research Report (with James L. Mullins, Catherine Murray-Rust, Raym Crow, October Ivins, Allyson Mower, Mark P. Newton, Daureen Nesdill, Julie Speer, and Charles Watkinson). Washington DC: SPARC, 2012.

Establishing a Research Agenda for Scholarly Communications: A Call for Community Engagement (contributor and meeting convener with John Ober). ACRL, November 1, 2007.